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Consumer Rights: Everything You Need to Know

People do love shopping, especially on sale period or using coupons. Everyone wants value for every penny spent. You can go through CouponoBox to know more deals and coupons.  Whenever you purchase something, a service or product from an online site or from a physical shop you have certain consumer rights that you can exercise when in need.  You should know all your rights so that it will help you in case the products you paid does not meet the expectations or is a faulty product.

In the initial first thirty days after you buy the products, you have got every right to reject them. This means that you have the right to return those items that do meet your criteria and you are eligible for full refund.  However it does not cover the digital downloads but still, you could ask for a replacement.

After the completion of thirty days, you cannot demand a full refund.  But you could ask the seller to repair or replace the items which are damaged.

Within 6 months, if the products fail to work or develops a fault, it is assumed that the fault was present from day one of purchase.  It is the duty of the retailer to prove it otherwise. Even if your replacement has failed, the consumer has got the right to ask for a full refund or a price reduction,

But after the completion of 6 months, it is the responsibility of the consumer to prove that the product was faulty from day one.

Whenever you buy a second-hand product, your right is depended on the person who sells that product. But if you buy the second-hand items from a registered trader or retailer, as a consumer you are covered under the Consumer Rights Act and Consumer Contracts Regulations.  You have every right to reject a product under three criteria.…