bats damage
As modern life spreads out from the cities into the surrounding woodlands and meadows, it displaces a lot of the animals that once called those areas their home. Unfortunately, some of the critters can’t cope with the change and simply disappear. Other animals become adapted to the new neighbors and co-exist, sometimes uncomfortably close. When this closeness includes living in, around or under our homes you need a professional wildlife removal specialist to humanely and safely capture the animal and relocate it to a more suitable environment. Professionals are trained in how to deal with your wildlife pest so the animal is not overly stressed, and can continue to live its life out as nature intended. Raccoons There are many animals that have learned to live amongst, but the most common are raccoons. These furry critters with their distinctive masked eyes look playful and cuddly, but can turn mean if they feel threatened. Always a concern as a carrier of rabies, raccoons need to be captured and removed by a trained professional. The animals are a nuisance because they will tip over garbage cans and scatter the rubbish. Also, they tend to steal pet food and can even kill some pets such as chickens, so to prevent it, you can get an outdoor cat condo. They are highly intelligent and can learn to unlatch gates and find seemingly impossible ways to get into attics or basements.


Common in urban areas are coyotes. These dog-like predators generally prefer to stay out of the spotlight and you will rarely see them. They can be a nuisance for pets and could pose a threat to young children who try to pet them. The best way to stop coyotes is to remove their food source.

Rats, Bats and Mice

little mouseRats and mice generally have a bad reputation. They raid kitchen pantries, leave droppings, chew through electrical and cable wires and pose a health risk. Salt Lake City rodent removal company suggests getting rid all the clutter in your home as that provides the rats hiding and living spaces. A good way to help get rid of rats and mice by natural means is to build nesting boxes to attract owls to your yard. Poisons are another method to rid your home of rats, but could pose a risk to your pets and children.