MonthJanuary 2019

5 Handy Tips to Manage Health & Safety

The safety regulatory authorities require that every small business should have a program for occupational health and ensuring safety. It helps in preventing the injuries that are work-related. As a business owner, you got the responsibility for ensuring the workplace safety.

As you take care of your own health you need to take care of your employee’s health. You can suggest your employees take natural remedies which will help in boosting their energy level so that they could give their 100% to work. There are various remedies that are available online and you could discover more about Kratom at Below mentioned are few tips one should follow to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

Tips to follow

Design a plan to promote the safety and health practices in the workplace- As a business owner you should identify the health hazards in the workplace and you need to take necessary steps to eliminate or minimize them.  Create the plan and communicate the plan to your employees what are your plans to make sure that they are safe in the workplace. You need to ensure that they have immediate access to a first aid kit.

Train the employees- It is quite necessary to train the employees properly especially if there is risk involved for potential injury.  Provide written safe work procedures and instruction so that the employees can check it out themselves.

Inspect the workplace regularly- Check the equipment and tools regularly to make sure that is safe to use.

Maintain records- You need to keep a record of all the first aid treatment, incident investigation, training activities, inspections and so. It will help in identifying the trends that are unsafe.

Investigate the incidents-  Even if there was no serious injury on the happening of a certain event, do check it out to determine how it happened and take steps to make sure that it will never happen again.…

How To Deal With A Breach Of Contract: Before, During & After

A breach of contract is where the contract is broken and this happens when a  particular term is not fulfilled without an excuse that is lawful. This could happen in various scenarios like a coworker not completing her job or an employee who does something that his job contract does not permit him to do.

Impact of a breach on a business

The breach of a contract is not a good thing and this wastes both time and money. Not every breach is equal and you deal with a contract breach you need to be aware of the same. The breaches are of four kinds. These are:

  • Material breach – This is serious when one does not perform his duties as per the contract
  • Fundamental breach – This is when the individual who is aggrieved can sue for the damages.
  • Anticipatory breach – This happens when the party can say that the contract is broken when the other party does not execute his part of the contract.
  • Minor breach – This is a partial breach. You cannot take to court here but you can sue the party for the monetary

To be able to build a case you need to have some facts established to take it to the breach of court. You must make sure that the contract has existed, the contract was broken, you lost money in the process, and that the defendant was actually responsible for your losses.


You need to know of the remedies for the breach of contract. You may end up just getting money for the contract being broken.

These could be the compensatory damages, liquidated damages, attorney’s fees, consequential and incidental damages, and punitive damages.

The remedial options are also mentioned in the contract. It is important to review the contract carefully and then look for the limitations of the contract.

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