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Wildlife Protection
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Wildlife is undomesticated wide variety of both plants and animals that reside outside the individual compound. It has an impact in the coexistence of human living.

saving animalsHuman-wildlife conflict tends to rise in the event of interactions between humans and animals. Destruction of human property and lives tends to create the emergence of conflicts which eventually leads to losing of life and destruction of assets. Human being destroys and kill the wildlife either willingly or as outcomes of their actions. Poaching is a practice that since a long time has pose threats in the animal kingdom leading to the extinction of some animal species.

Other many factors have led to the extinction of these species which includes environmental factors just to mention a few.

Some of these extinctions facing animals include:

  •  elephants,
  • rhinos,
  • opossums,
  • and many others.

>Humanitarian and governmental organizations have set in to prevent the extinctions of this species.


Efforts that have been placed by the concerned authorities have helped a great deal in salvaging this species. Stiff penalties have been set for the poachers and illegal practice that may be in one or the other hinder the existence of these animals. Organizations such as World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has played an imminent role in ensuring the peaceful stay off the threat facing species in the world. Special days have been set aside to commemorate these animals. Governments like Global wildlife guardians has played a key role in preventing her wildlife creatures from extinction. Global wildlife defenders have banned poaching and sale of animal products in an illegal way.

Some of the targeted products include skins and tusks.

animal rescue Wildlife plays a crucial in our existences. Ecological and Nature balance is the most and important aspect for human survival. Wildlife tourism is the most recognized in the world. People travel across borders in each of beautiful and most thrilling wildlife attraction sites in the world. Africa is one of the most blessed and enriched continents with diverse wildlife attraction site. It attracts both local and international visitors. World’s economies have experienced a vast growth and development through wildlife sector. It plays an imminent role in the economy by ensuring that the local people and the surrounding communities benefits. Transport and communication sector has improved in the areas where parks have been settled. Job seeking has been made easier because the local communities can secure employment in this parks thus reducing the unemployment rates. Government gains a lot through charging fee thus increasing its revenue. Local businesses have experienced substantial growth. Service Delivery Company such as restaurants has gained a lot through tourism.