Bats are mammals sharing the same characteristics as dogs and humans. Bats are usually very useful creatures to have around as each bat can consume as many as 1,800 mosquitoes every night. But having bats in your home can be quite upsetting due to their vampire associations and alleged rabies risk. Bats usually get into your home to build their nest or by a simple mistake. If you have bats in your home, you can call for Wildlife and Pest services or place a screen over the entrance after dark to prevent the bats from returning. You will need to do this over several nights since not all the bats leave the nest every night. Provide an alternative nesting box so they will stay in your yard and continue to provide you free mosquito control. Avoid killing bats since in many areas they are protected by law.


Snakes are probably the most fear provoking animal on the planet. Fortunately, most snakes are not poisonous and are a benefit to the homeowner by feeding on rats, mice, and other nuisance animals. Keeping your home well maintained and your yard trimmed will discourage snakes from trying to co-exist with you. Also, snakes do not like dogs or cats, so your pet may be as good a preventive measure as you need. Professional wildlife removers can trap snakes and relocate them to a safe and natural area where they can live out their lives. Please do not kill even venomous snakes, our fear or dislike of snakes are never good reasons to kill one unnecessarily.

The bane of many gardeners is deers. These animals can destroy a garden in short order by eating the leaves from both vegetable and ornamental plants. Deer are increasingly common in urban areas as their natural habitats shrink with new housing developments. Deer fencing that is high enough for them not to leap over is the best defense against deer grazing their way through your yard. Carefully consider whether an electric fence is a good option since it could be dangerous to children in the area. The use of repellents is very common and can be very successful in discouraging deer.

Removing nuisance animals from your home is best done by professionals. They are trained to properly handle the animals without causing any more stress to the animal than can be helped. Also, the animals will be relocated to a safe area so they can continue to live out their lives.