Here’s Why We Shouldn’t Legalise Drugs

Drug addiction is bad!

And we are talking about bad in the most general of terms. It is bad for the person who is trying it; bad for the parents and bad for the nation. The effect of drug addiction even though done at the micro level is felt at a macro scale when you realize that it is not a small problem anymore.

It is a big challenge:

In terms of finance, in terms of physical and mental health and in the number of deaths that happen every year and are increasing exponentially year after year and there is no a solution in sight.

Can we all imagine the state of the family, the parents who get calls from various state agencies that confirm their children’s dangerous addiction levels and possible death due to overdose?

Can you imagine the grief of such parents who do not know that their children are getting a regular supply of dangerous recreational drugs and are at severe risk of succumbing to taking it more than their bodies can resist?

That is the most precisely the reason why lobbyists on this site state that there will be no real outcome out of any reforms in the existing drug policy.

The arguments are strong on both the sides and for every one person is for drug regularisation, there is one person who is against it. The public opinion is also divided. Some of the states like California are slated to go in for the public voting system to determine if Cannabis can be sold in pharmaceutical stores.

The supporters say that it will help curb the mafia and since it will be available in the open market, it may not be any more lucrative to sell them in the black markets because the prices will get affected. But the other side is not impressed. They opine that all this may look good theoretically but in practice, youngsters especially the teens who are the most vulnerable will still get cheap skunk from the roadside peddlers.

If you think that there is something that you can contribute in terms of a viewpoint on if you would like the recreational drugs to be regulated or not, log on to Ontariodrugrehabs and leave behind your thoughts.