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3 Ways to Report Unpaid Wages and Recover Back Pay

The labor department plays a proactive role in making sure that employees in a workplace do not have issues with an hour and wage payments. Also, it keeps an eye on the various organizations that play truant to make sure that it is not taking its employees for a ride.

The presumption of law:

As far as labor law of the land is concerned the law always presumes that the employee deserves to be paid for the overtime that he has worked. The burden of proof however to counter this presumption lies on the employer and that is one of the reasons that the employees are today much emboldened to take up the issue with the management and the government machinery and are ready to even go against their own employers in case they feel that they have not been treated correctly and at par.

Here are the ways to report unpaid wages and to recover the back pay:

Filing a complaint with the wage and hour department of the government:

For filing a formal complaint you will need to furnish all the relevant information such as your name, address, phone numbers, emails, the place where you worked, its address, the owners and the managers that you worked for , the period that you worked for and the type of work you did in the organization.

One important thing is that the identity of the complainant will never be revealed except after permission from the person and only if it is deemed extremely important.

A lot of people initially resisted the idea of complaining because they thought that it would create a lot of animosity in the superiors and that they would be decimated against. But this will not be the case as the people who write in complaining about their bosses and their organizations will be protected against any kind of decimation by virtue of whistleblowing so much that they cannot even be terminated from the job because they chose to go against the organization. A good step forward!

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