7 Hand-Holding Tips If Your Child Gets In Trouble With The Law

Summer vacation and child arrests:

Statistics prove beyond any doubt that the highest number of children being arrested is during their school vacations or the time when they break from school. Now we are not saying that kids do anti-social things only at or around this time but you can imagine how a teenager would feel and act when suddenly given a lot of freedom!

Let us take this first thing first:

1. Never underestimate your child’s playfulness. You may think that your child cannot end up doing anything stupid but you are only underestimating them. Most of the times, it could be peer pressure that makes even an otherwise good character child to give in to fatal pranks and that is what as a parent you must realize that your child however good can be there at the wrong place and at the wrong time with the wrong people and most definitely can end up in a soup!

2.experts agree that parents who get a call from the police informing of their child’s arrest panic. This is important, do not panic!

3. It is imperative that as a parent, you understand that if the police have arrested the child then they must have a reason to believe that he was up to no good. Arguing with the police and acting up will only put you and your child’s reputation in their bad books. Instead, show the utmost respect and regard for the law.

4. Politely but firmly try getting more info about the act and also discuss if there is something that can be done immediately to set things right.

5. If the felony or crime is of a serious nature your child will be entitled to have an attorney. That will also mean that the police can stop their questioning and wait for the attorney to turn up.

6. There is not too much choice than to cooperate with the police. Shouting at them, calling them names and roughing up is not going to work at all. So it is better that you take a calm pill and handle the matter at hand with utmost dignity.

7. We all know the emotional trauma that a law-abiding parent goes through when something like this comes up. It is best to work your way out and take heart in the fact that just because your child is arrested there is no confirmed reason that he has committed the act; even the police make mistakes sometimes.