MonthNovember 2018

Top 5 Things to Watch Out for When Accepting an Investment

Accepting an investment and expertise from someone that can help your business is a great achievement for you as a business owner. But it cannot be the simplest options always, there can be many complications involved in it. These are the top 5 things you should always remember before accepting an investment.

1) Investment structure: When you are accepting an investment from outside it is important to understand the structure of the investment, how you are accepting it and how it is going to affect the business. There are many ways the investment can come in the business and it can drastically change how the business is handled.

2) Common or preferred shares: When someone is investing in your business, they are actually providing the capital in return for the shares; they can either choose the preferred shares or the common shares. If they are getting common share both of you will be on the same level, whereas the preferred shares will put the investor in a strong position higher than your level. Visit to know more about shares.

3) Anti-dilution clause: This clause is important when you have to include other investors, every investor will try to include the anti-dilution clause that will protect their shares but as a business owner you will have to negotiate it benefit you.

4) Liquidation: The liquidation process is also different for the external investors as they get the preference first and it also depends on the clause which defines how they are getting paid. So it is important to make sure the liquidation will benefit you also.

5) Covenants: Covenants in simple terms can be said as promises. The investors often expect to give some covenants in return of their investments. As a business owner, you have to make sure they do not ask for something that you cannot offer.…

Smart Ways to Use Debt Consolidation Loans

When you got balances to be cleared off on different credit cards, then paying them off would be quite challenging and long process. It’s quite hard managing the payment of a debt which is split into different accounts. It would have been a lot easier if you were able to pay just one bill which takes care of all the credit card debt.  One could easily consolidate their debts by combining the debt payments which would, in turn, helps in paying off the debt quickly. Below mentioned are different ways one can consolidate their debt.

Home equity loan- You could borrow the home equity loan against the equity of your house and use this loan to pay off the credit card debt. This loan is a closed-ended account where it has to be repaid over a particular time period.   These loans have lower rates of interest and got higher limits of borrowing when compared to other kinds of loans. You can learn more about loan types here

Debt consolidation loan- These loans are used for the sole purpose to pay all the debts and generally offered by major banks. There are even various institutions which offer these loans, but the interest rate charged by them would be higher. Hence do a thorough research about the interest rates offered by the banks and institutions and choose the one which offers a lower rate.

Borrow from retirement- This is the last resort one should opt to consolidate the debt. Most of the retirement plans allow you to borrow against the fund, but there are few terms and conditions one needs to follow.  Hence understand all the terms set and think hard before you choose this option.

Borrow from a life insurance policy- If you need to choose between bankruptcy or life insurance then borrowing from the insurance would be the best choice. You can borrow up to the cash value of the loan.


Top Things NOT to Do When You Divorce

As an individual who’s experienced a divorce can let you know, the procedure is not that simple. Strains are huge, and couples frequently settle on poor choices seemingly out of the blue. Provided the heap of money related, emotional and practical interests that must be arranged, it’s not amazing such a significant number of couples end up committing basic errors while on the course for separation. Here are the best pointers on what to be aware of while seeking a legal separation.

Bear in Mind to Alter your Will

Bring separated need not consequently renounce a will. In case you need to keep your prospective ex-life partner from getting the finances and benefits conceded to them as per the will, you have to refresh the will. A will can be re-written at any point in time.

Never Deter the Possibility of Mediation or Collaborative Divorce

For a collective separation, you can receive the assistance of experts, to partition possessions and oversee emotional pressure. The larger part of locales with shared separation have expressed that community-oriented separation is much agreeable and less ill-disposed than customary separation.

As for mediation, it’s entirely different. Just a single outsider expert assists both of you achieve an arrangement. This is a continuous procedure and requires more than one sitting.

Avoid Taking It Out On the Kids

Youngsters require a steady domain to manage the outcomes of a divorce. Limit the discussions concerning the procedure. It will provide you with opportunities to be available when they need you. Divert your time by attending their school events and programs, and taking them out to view places quite often. Seeing you get composed, they tend to relax too.

Never Refuse to Seek Help from a Therapist

Consulting specialist such as solicitors Clarkston can enable you to traverse the scope of feelings that you will encounter when managing a divorce. It is a smart thought to obtain assistance prior to becoming angry or depressed emotionally. They can assist you to resolve issues so as to become independent.