MonthSeptember 2018

Top 10 Tips So You Don’t Become a Victim of Cyber-crime

Cyber-crime is something that seems to be spreading in all parts of the world very quickly. Where on one hand Internet has blessed us with the boon of connectivity and information, it has also made us more vulnerable to crimes that can spoil our life and imagine forever. It actually has the power to leak some of our most confidential data along with personal photos and videos that we would actually never even think of sharing with some outsider. All this has made us very worried and troubled about our security concerns.

Thankfully the government has been really active in recognizing such deeds as a crime and have also decided punishments for individuals or teams that indulge in such ridiculous acts. However, it gets really important for us to not completely depend on others to protect us from such crimes. We are very much responsible for what happens to us and have all the right to prevent these ill acts as much as we can. How? We have some useful tips here

How to prevent cyber-crimes

Some useful tips to prevent yourself from cyber-crimes include:

  • The first important thing to do here is to ensure that you set really strong passwords for your data if you wish to safeguard them on the Internet.

  • You must activate your firewall in order to protect your computer or laptop from getting affected by any virus.

  • You must install anti-virus software to prevent your systems from getting spammed and misused.

  • Make sure that all the social media accounts created by you are set in a private mode. Do not keep the information public.

  • When it comes to mobile, simply avoid downloading unnecessary apps and data that you don’t need.

  • Keep changing the default settings of your Wi-Fi.

  • You have to be careful when you share your personal and critical information on the Internet with someone. Use encrypted platforms only to share such information.

  • Don’t click on files or links that come from unrecognizable sources.

  • Clear your browsing data after visiting helpful sites like LovePlugs to guard your privacy.

  • Take advice from experts to deal with c=such crimes in case you are trapped.

Following these steps is a must today if you seriously want to guard your information and privacy from hackers.

The Basics of Human Rights – Why Are They So Important?

Freedom of expression and rights has been a part of the human societies since civilization existed; these concepts are intuitive and have evolved naturally since centuries, the politicians and philosophers have continuously developed on the facts of the human rights and framed a set of fundamental rules that have gained importance as we progressed.

The ethical rights and norms that are followed globally with the liberty of every man, woman, child owns and has to be protected with, was the structure of society that people have been following. The rights are universal and not limited to any caste, creed, religion, nationality or sex. The right applies to a person from the time of their birth until they are alive; these fundamental rights of the citizen of a country are universally protected and followed.

  • as they form an integral part of the citizen’s rights, the importance cannot be emphasized beyond the fact that any oppression can be opposed
  • injustice and prejudice can always be contested, in the Human Rights Commission and justice can be sought to know the freedom that a fellow citizen has
  • mutual respect and goodness with others is a right that is inherent and is imbibed with all the countrymen
  • ignorance about the fundamental human rights affect the four main elements in the quality of our life the social life is affected if thoughts cannot be expressed freely
  • work-life balance, exploitation at work, violence are a deterrent to human rights that can be contested with the help of lawyer Scotland for working in safer conditions
  • the equality, free from discrimination, the right to live and be free, freedom of following any religion, right to marriage are among the six important human rights that every individual possesses, any discrimination in these basic Human rights will give rise to inequality and can be subjected to intervention of the courts to protect them.